Quake Brunch

Every third Saturday of the month

12PM-3PM CST ya wankers. Winner eats all. I will make Finnish kropsua pancake and coffee. You bring a computer and a mouse. I have mouse pads. Headphones optional.

Send an email to ae@sdf.org to join brunch

Remote users can join our Discord server: https://discord.gg/HtmjHEjShC

Get Connected

If you don't read this I am not helping you :)


Download the zip file above. It has Quake with the Quake World client added to it plus all the maps we are playing.

If You Are Playing Remotely: Modify autoexec.cfg found in the Quake/qw/ directory and add my public IP Reach out to me with your public IP and I will allow your traffic into the network (Google: what is my ip?)

Changing Your Name: This is also done in autoexec.cfg. You can add or modify other parameters in this file as well.

Most recent maps we are playing if you need to download them: /maps .. Good luck trying to download them through the Quake client. It is slow as fuck.

If you've followed these instructions you should be able to auto connect to the Quake Brunch server by executing qwcl.exe

Questions: Call Albert (drug-man) 612-834-2180 or ae@sdf.org

How To Play

Hold TAB key to display players connected and score.

Press "t" to type a message to everyone.

Use "W" "A" "S" "D" keys to move forward, backward, sidestep left / right. Left mouse click to use weapon. Right mouse click to jump.

Mouse scroll to cycle through available weapons or select weapon with 1-9 keys.

Press the tilde "~" key to enter console to run commands against client or server.

Change your name in console by typing "name my-new-name" and hit enter.

Changing your colors: This is done in the console by executing the "color" command followed by two integers within a range of 0 to 13. Example: color 3 13. This is sets your vest and pads to green and your pants to blue.